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A responsible adult must always supervise inflatable at all times.

Be aware of hazardous items
All riders must remove shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses, hair clips, or any other sharp or hard objects that may cause injury to children or to the inflatable prior to entering the inflatable.

No hanging
No one may hang on the water hose, safety nets, or basketball rims. Damage repair costs may vary but could result in the full cost of replacement for an inflatable unit.

Know the limits
Maximum of 6-8 kids at any time on any inflatable. There is a maximum of three kids on top of any slide at a time.

No jumping off slides. No flipping, wrestling, running, pushing, rouch housing, climbing, or hanging from slides
Slide area should be clear
Always clear the area before another child slides down.

Children should not sit or lay down while others are bouncing around them
Stop children from bouncing if winds exceed 15 MPH or if rain or any other condition becomes unsafe. Water added to dry units will incure a fee of $50-$100 according to the size of the unit.

If blower stops
​Have the children calmly exit the inflatable. The most common cause is an overlaoded circuit or a piece of debris in the blower intake. Reset the circuit breaker and make sure the blower is plugged into a dedicated circuit. Clear any debris.

Failure to use good judgment and follow rules could result in serious injury
​The operator must always insure the inflatable is properly staked or weighted down and supervised by an adult. Insure all safety rules are followed accordinly. Any damage caused by renter negligence may result in a cost up to the value of the unit. The unit will not be setup unless the contract liability waiver is signed.
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